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29 November, 2021 - 07:20 -- Annet Wood

It was time to start something new. For a long time it has been in my head that to do something with weaving. Inspired after seeing a beautiful tapestry  in Sweden and an empty agenda now that my studio is closed to others, I started to implement the idea. Sculpting remains, but weaving comes besides that.

This work is made of 'bakers twine' and the remains of a net that has held mandarins. Height approx. 50 cm, width approx. 15 cm.




11 April, 2016 - 10:26 -- Annet Wood

I am very proud to introduce my latest book.

During the passed time I have investigated what happened in my village during the Second World War. It is an impressing story about the people that went in resistance, where out placed because they had to do work for the Germans and the solders. In chronicle order is written down what happened. And finally people from Berkhout tell their story about this time.

Om April 23, 2016 the book is presented in café De Ridder in Berkhout

The book will be for sale for 25 euro a piece, but!  It is written in Dutch.


Annet Wood, visual artist
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